~Home Sweet Home Malaysia~

Unexpectedly...I'm home. HOME is Malaysia. I'm very happy to see more Malaysians back. Aha!! Some of you may got me. Huhu.. I'm really grateful to see my other half once again. Although it costs me a lot of money and stress melampau di airport, but i've made it. A long journey home. I never regret on what I've lost, noticing that what I've got by my side is the most precious thing in my life. But now I may have to overcome another problem...I don't wanna fly there again. Haisssshhhhhhhh :(

But I have to... In the mean time... Halleluja Malaysia~

Sebelum hatinya berubah..

Jika hatinya berubah...Kurangkah diriku?
Jika hatinya berubah...Mampukah aku bertahan dgn dugaan itu?
Jika hatinya berubah...Hilangkah cahaya hidupku?
Jika hatinya berubah...Salahkah aku menagih kasihnya kembali?

Jika hatinya berubah...Aku meminta sesuatu yg telah pergi.


Sebelum hatinya berubah...Aku tak akan menyakiti hatinya lagi.
Sebelum hatinya berubah...Aku tak akan mendustainya lagi.
Sebelum hatinya berubah...Aku akan sentiasa ada di sisi.
Sebelum hatinya berubah...Aku akan menyayanginya sepenuh hati.

Ya Allah... Janganlah Engkau ubah qalbunya. Biarlah namaku terukir di hatinya. Redhai lah kami ke akhirnya... Amin~

Dedicated to my very best friend..AZRA ATIQKA..

I'm so sorry dat I can't make it this winter break. Things happen in a sudden. Please don't be upset my dear friend. Sorry for everything... Insya Allah there'll be another time. When dat time comes, we'll be all out k. Best friend forever Jera....I'll bring sumting for u from the east. Wouldn't mind if En. Fudye wants to kirim apa2. Take care n love u. Muax!