Halu halu!!!!

Khabar dari MALAYSIA. Haha :P

Ari ni ari Sabtu. Bengang sebab tgh syok2 tgk hindustan, black out. Time climax plak tu. Maka tak tau lah sapa pembunuh dlm crita tu. Demmit! Aku accidentally tertengok crita tu. Seyes!

Benda ajaib berlaku. Mama dh 3 kali tanya, "Bila Hanim nak pi KL?" Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. Haha. Tak payah penat2 cari idea dh. Tapi slalunya kalo mama beriya tanya ni, ada la benda nk order tu. Tak pa, mama ku sudah kewl! Dan bakal menjadi kewl lg. Hahaha.. Btw, mama nk order digi cam ngn laptop sejibik. Specs yg diperlukan mama cakap, "Mama nk taip-taip ja." Don't worry, berlambak laptop boleh taip2. Harga anak beranak, RM2000 untuk both. Consider done lah. Hoyeh~

K lah, 5 minit lg Soccer Dog start. Mcm pernah tgk. Tp nk tgk lagi jgk. Rindu tgk anjing comel2 berkeliaran di Coburg. Cni nmpak kucing lonely jalan sorg2 ja. Ini saja utk kali ni. Next time aku update crita makan besar. Malas bukak laptop. Pc besau ni tak dak bluetooth. Ortodoxs!

For new moon die hard fans!

Watch this first!!!!!

And now this!!

LOL!! Haha (^^,)

Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?

After reading Jera's entry, I've google for cases where man saved by dolphins. Every victim in the case was rescued by (wild) dolphins protecting ring. I wonder why the sharks went away. Are they afraid of dolphin? I found this :

"they are only afraid of dolphins when they are in with their pods... this is because the dolphins have their young with them and are protective and if a group of dolphins start charging a shark they hit their gills causing the shark to have loss of breath... some wat like humans when we are punched or hit in the chest.."

I also found another short explanation and now I know why there are so many cases like that. Beware of dolphins guys. Haha :)

Sharks aren't really afraid of dolphins; that's a common misconception that has led people to believe that when dolphins are present in an area, there will not be any sharks nearby. In fact, many species of shark and dolphin actually hunt and eat the same prey items, so the presence of dolphins often indicates the presence of sharks as well.

Dolphins and sharks are two ocean predators who have to compete for food and territory. They usually co-exist quite peacefully as part of a complex ocean eco-system, but occasionally they do attack and sometimes kill each other under various circumstances.

15 things i want to say

  1. After careful consideration and thanks to someone's important opinion, I decided to delete the last entry.
  2. My sweetheart asked me a favor. With an open heart, I apologize for any chaos situation that is caused by me.
  3. I feel that my method is wrong somewhere. But I bet I'm the only one who has ever give this kind of sincere opinion. Everything is all about what I accidentally saw, what I accidentally heard, what I purposely observe and what I purposely want to say.
  4. Trust me, I've tried various of methods to point out things. It all turns up to be very disappointed. Just like the last one.
  5. I don't make up stories or magnify everything. I don't lie anything.
  6. I beg others who show their concern to this matter, even if you don't care for me at all, please deliver my message to the person in your best way.
  7. I may look rude, harsh or whatever you want to call, still I don't blame anyone. You can put all the blame on me. Take that as an advance token of my gratitude.
  8. Plus, I don't have any intention to be the cause of broken relationship. After 18 months facing with this kind of situation, I just treasured the chance to speak the truth.
  9. Don't think that only one party is hurting right now. To say something out loud like that really forces every energy that I have.
  10. Everyone should know that I really try to give credits to whom it may concern. I'm not bluffing around.
  11. Even if I don't know every single thing about this matters, I believe that I'm not making wild assumptions.
  12. I'm glad that I manage to say what I've said.
  13. My sweetheart told me to ignore everything and stop bugging others. But I'm a person who easily distracted with surrounding. Just don't make up anything new as it really don't help.
  14. Once again, I'm sorry for being such a wicked person. What's done can't be undone.
  15. Finally, this is just a short note on my behalf. Just don't mix up others in your conclusion. I really appreciate this.


Monolog dalaman

I've just finished the first KM Ubung, which took me nearly 3 hours to do it although it was actually a smooth calculation process. But it covered too many formulas and a lot of Mathematic calculation. My head will explode if I continue more. Please Herr Perseke, don't torture me in the exam.

Ok, let's go directly to the main point today. A conversation.

My mouth : Dear Mr. Brain... I have a simple question for you. Will you find the answer for me?

My brain : Of course. What is your question?

My mouth : I've seen this situation so many times. Why would an educated and clever person always do things that obviously wrong with no benefit?

My brain : Hurm... That's a tough one dear. From my observation, I think that particular person has no gut make everything back to normal. That person might have something that he/she doesn't wanna lose by doing it right.

My mouth : But does the action will just make everything worse? You know, doing the wrong thing is not the right thing to do.

My brain : Sometimes it happens.... It depends on how bad is his/her condition. That's a quote that say "If you want somebody badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never yours to begin with."

My mouth : Yeah, I've heard it.

My brain : Well, applying it is not that simple. Seems like that person is very afraid to lose someone he/she really care. So, he/she chooses to deny this quote although back of his/her head, it's true.

My mouth : Mr. Brain, if you're suffering because of your loved one, will you continue to give everything to him with no boundaries?

My brain : Another tough question. If I ever love someone that much, I will do everything in my power for him. But I'm sure that he won't like seeing me suffer because of him. I think, the basic rule in a relationship is not causing any trouble to each other. It involves giving and taking.

My mouth : What do you think if one part is always giving and the other part is only taking?

My brain : My fellow neurons conclude that, it's the most stupid relationship that exists in this world. Love are supposed to ease people, not to make someone sad almost everyday. I can see that one part is only taking advantage of others love and kindness.

My mouth : That's really true. I'm totally agree with you. It's not supposed to happen by any means. Sounds like gigolo to me. True love will never exist in this kind of relationship. I don't see any reason for this relationship to continue.

My brain : Love is blind. And people always blindly love the person they think is the best. When someone's in love, there'll be nothing wrong with his/her judgement. But the big problem is, he/she will deny every negative judgement and do everything he/she shouldn't do.

My mouth : Then it's like suffering is the best way to maintain a relationship.

My brain : Yes, that's what some people thought.

My mouth : I don't want this kind of relationship. Everyone deserves the best in life.

My brain : Well, assume that he/she is just an unlucky person who is currently not being blessed by a good luck. Right?

My mouth : Yeah, you're right. I'm tired of talking.

My brain : I'm tired of thinking. Let me have a nice sleep please...

My mouth : Ok. Later~

My brain : Later~

And I went to sleep...