Polis kata jangan!!!

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
I can't do it alone, I've try
And don't know why


This song has been stuck in my head for the whole month. And I don't just get bored of singing it. I know many people wish me not to stop of doing it. Haha <(^_^)>

After having a really tough time, everything slowly gets better day by day. I really hope that it will not last for a long time and I am trying hard to turn around the rainy days. Chayokkkk!!!!

Actually I don't have anything to write. But lets just be spontaneous and honest. Well, honesty is the best policy. Right Mr.D?? 10 marks for me! Har har har, ketawa hambar~

I've just watched a new ad on tv. A Malay man, who is dying and depending on oxygen machine, asks his wife and his will-be-born-child for forgiveness. His wife cries a lot. A son of a Chinese couple is really afraid to see his mom because she has horrible mouth desease. It looks like maggots hanging on her lips. No wonder la.. Another site of the ad, an Indian woman is looking after her husband because he just losed his right foot. The woman says, "Luckily you're still with us." And the man accepts.

An Indian nurse is watching all of their suffer and can do nothing but give supports. Finally, it's time to go home and the Indian nurse walks out of the hospital heading to his son. Her son is waiting on a bench and suddenly picks up a box of cigarrates from the ground. I don't know where it comes from. The nurse notices this and she says, "Don't break my heart." And she just goes.

At the end of the ad...

SMOKING can cause lung cancer, gangrene and mouth cancer.

And I thought it is all about AIDS. Adoiyai...terkena! Is this ad really gonna work??? We'll see~

Somewhere over the rainbow....

Semalam hujan. Ribut petir pun ada. Hujan lebat sangat. Tak tau bila hujan lebat ni nak reda. Aku tengok ke langit masih gelap. Kilat sabung-menyabung. Aku takut nak keluar dan hanya duduk berteleku di balik rimbunan pohon. Perasaan sangat bercampur. Aku tau hujan ni takkan berhenti. Aku ingin menebus matahari kembali. Tapi apa yang ada pada ku? Sudikah matahari bersinar kembali. Dan kiranya matahari mau mengikutku, adakah hujan benar-benar berhenti. Mungkinkah menjelma pula hujan panas? Aku pasrah, takut untuk berfikir panjang. Kerana aku tetap perlukan air dan masa yang sama memerlukan cahaya. Mungkinkah di sebalik hujan panas akan munculnya pelangi. Ya Allah, pulangkan kebahagiaannya. Aku rela selamanya berhujan asalkan matahari muncul di sebelah sana...

MaStEr PlAn SaYa

Friday, 14th I'm going to meet my soulmate and have 2 days date with him. I must plan effective strategies from now on. Best of luck for myself. Haha... After this, KL once again to take my laptop. Maybe I need to go to MARA to settle my semester claim. And finally berbuka puasa with my in law. Ahaks! But must wait for an official invitation first. Heee (^_^)

Home Alone

I'm home finally, fighting with my brother to use this bulky orthodox machine. And it's not a flat screen ok~ But he's the one that makes me a lil bit cheerful everyday. Every morning I'm alone at home. Nothing to do and no one to play with. I'm so bored.........(-_-)

Everyday I keep thinking bout how I wish I have Doraemon right here with me. I can simply use his magical time travel door or put his tiny helicopter on top of my head and fly away from home. I never get homesick. Seriously!! I even dare to think bout not coming home throughout my study abroad................Until I met him.

My mom is working somewhere else. This makes my life more miserable since my dad dun wanna move. My brother is still schooling here in Kangar. My mom will come back every weekend, means that weekend is the only time we spend the day together. But Mr.D is free on weekend. If I wanna go to see him, it's definately on weekend. I think I dun have problem of making a choice. But do they accept the fact that there are times that I won't choose them??

I miss my mom -Datin (Wanna Be) Halijah Bajuri . She seems to understand me or at least she tries. I can see her tomorrow. Can't wait to show her new handbag. Haha..

I wanna be a grown up person and make every decision myself. I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. But there have to accept the fact that I'm not their lil girl anymore. I have my own personal life. I have a soulmate and he means everything to me. If only they can accept who I am now, I'll be very grateful and I'm sure everyone will be pleased.

I can't wait to see him. This time I swear to choose for my happiness and sorry to others who may hurt. It's already late. Later k. Bye bye~