No more "Read More"

I am currently building another blog which will be opening soon. I just want to share my excitement of hacking the the codes which by default, allowing the "Read More" widget to appear in your blog. I hate this thing and been trying for the past an hour to remove it. I found this website that helps people to create the expandable post. So I just reverse the simple steps and there it more "Read More" widget on screen. And the entire post will appear at the main page. happy maa!!!

Ceritera Dari Rumah Aku

I don't know what happened to my blogger layout. Either it's due to this low speed Streamyx (download 32Mb pon mcm siput) or the URL is broken. But I'm not in the best situation to reconfigure the html, thanks once again to Streamyx.

I am investing my effort and consuming my time correctly by burning DVDs. 3 DVDs can be produced everyday including 10 hours break. Or else the super canggih tablet laptop will burn itself. The process also involves supplying full speed of die hard fan directly to its engine. If the fan dies, then my laptop will fly to heaven.

I'm using this big old skool PC right now. The screen appears to be shaking like hell. Just shake your head left and right to know what I'm talking about. When I browse the internet, seems like it's gonna explode!! Loading...... loading....... refreshing....... loading........ BOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! Like that laaaa~


SMS paling noob!

Teringat zaman dulu-dulu. Masa tu asik main sms je. Siang smpai ke malam. Tak jemu plak tu. Ada la satu kisah ni. Masa ke-blur-an memuncak.

Mr. D : B ada keje ni. Nak tangkap kmbg.

Mrs. D : Hah! Buat pe nk tangkap kmbg?

Mr. D : Ada orang nk beli la. Die nk amk 1 jantan 2 betina.

Mrs. D : Macam mna nk tau kmbg tu jantan ke betina??

Mr. D : Tgk la die punya anu tu. Adoiyai...

Mrs. D : Eh, boleh nampak ke kalo tgk gitu aje??

Mr. D : Apasal plak tak nampak?

Mrs. D : Ek??? Jap g bawak balik ke umah nenek camne?

Mr. D : Ikat je la. Bawak slow2 ngn moto.

Mrs. D : Macam mna nenek kira harga jual kmbg tu?

Mr. D : Jap lg timbang la. Tengok berat die baru tau harga.

Mrs. D : Timbang????? 3 ekor pon nk timbang ke? Ringan je pon..

Mr. D : Ringan ape ke benda nya.... Sekor ni beratus jgk tau.

Mrs. D : Ek??????????? B cakap pasal KUMBANG ke KAMBING???

Mr. D : Kambing la... Asal? Ingat kumbang?? Pe jadahnye nk jual kumbang? Hadoii...

Mrs. D : Laaaaaaaaa.... ayg baca kumbang! Logik ape tetibe b nk tangkap kumbang.

Mr. D : Patut la pelik benau soklannye... Kambing la sayang oi!!

Begitulah ceritanya... Sampai sekarang kalo ingat balik tersengih sorg2 pun ada. Haha... Itu lah zaman ke-noob-an aku. Sekarang sudah matang dan tak lampi lagi (^^,)

10 updates about me

Dear people,

It has been a while since I last updated my corner here. Due to limited internet connection, I have to accidentally abandon this site whenever I get online. So, here is a quick update of my life. In case you want to know. Hahaha... Actually you are FORCED to know!

  1. I am semi-bankrupt. Don't ask why. The main point is already there. Too late to regret.
  2. I lost my IC and been charged RM60 for a temporary one.
  3. Just got a new driving licence for RM50.
  4. I lost my Maybank Passbook on the way to the bank to get a new ATM card.
  5. ATM card can't be issued without the real IC. So I lost the passbook for nothing.
  6. ATM card will be charged RM12 and the damn Passbook would cause me another RM15. Bodoh!
  7. Gain weight.. Of course la. No need to further explain.
  8. Currently in a happy mode... No matter what happened, life must goes on.
  9. Waiting for my sweetheart to fetch me and rock my world at the moment. Ngeh Ngeh (' ',)
  10. Omaigod, I am hungry... Nasib baik ada back up nasi ayam. Haha..

That's all for now. Have a blessing day everyone!

I can make it through the rain
I can stand up once again
Own my own
And I know
That I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid
I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day
And I make it through the rain