Tips To Always Go To Class

I am currently sitting at the corner of my room with my 12 inch super hot HP Tablet PC. I really sit on ass at the corner ok! It's not like I try to write a poem this time.

Today I want to give you a tip on how not to skip your classes. You must have at least an inspiration. As for myself, I have two inspirations and every morning (afternoon pon boleh juge) I wake up with a very bright smile on my face (a.k.a menguap besar). My inspirations are known as Inspirasi 1 and Inspirasi 2.

Your inspirations can have a certain grade. Lets us look at the diagram below.

You may have a different analysis from this. But since then, I never skip a class yet. Haha (^^,)

Ouh! I have a tutorial class right now. Got to go =)


I wondered where these kisses and hugs come from. Then I searched it on the internet by using the Google search engine. I found that the X may have functioned as a sort of early emoticon representing a "stylized picture of two mouths touching each other." I think that is what people always thought. Yes, it makes sense.

However it may also be described originally as a Christian cross and the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Xristos. It is said that people used to put the X at the bottom of a document as a signature. Then they would kissed the X as a crucifix or bible was kissed to emphasize the importance of the mark. It was this practice that led to the X representing a kiss.

As for the O, it represents the arms in a circle around another person which associated with hugs. The history of this symbol is yet a mystery. In "The Joys of Yiddish", it is noted that people at that time would generally sign a form with an X but the Jews preferred an O to avoid making something that looked like a cross.

I've noticed that nowadays we are very aware of any kind of hidden messages in any kind of mediums. Many have known about Lady Gaga's secret hidden messages in songs which have been haunting young minds for quite a long time (not excluding me). They always find a way to spread their beliefs and although we don't really have a big deal with it, somehow they manage to penetrate the idea in our life. Unfortunately, as usual we are always too late to be saved. When I've read about her Freemason-thingy, I still can't help myself from singing the Alejandro.

Now back to the topic. Maybe many of us have known this for a long while. I can say that a hundred and fifty years ago, they had a vision that the term XOXO would last at least until 2010. They just put a nice name and unique interpretation of 'Kisses and Hugs' and passed it through generations. If you said that yeah, you've never meant to kiss the bible or be a Jew so that you still can 'Hugs and Kisses', well then you should start celebrating the Valentine's Day.

Pardon me if my personal opinion offenses any parties. But like Ejan said, "Don't trust the Google." Maybe there's another explanation for this. PEACE! No war (^^,)

Hanya Kerana Cinta

Lagu ini ditujukan kepada kesayanganku. Dengarkan lagu yang berjaya menambat sekeping hati ini dan telah diulang-ulang banyak kali. Lirik lagu ini adalah isi hatiku padanya. Semoga dia menghayati lagu ini sepenuh hati...

Keadaan kita memang sukar
Bukan kerna cinta yang menghalang
Walaupun terpaksa kita terpisah
Namun hanya untuk seketika saja

Tak pernah lepas dari cobaan
Dalam perjalanan percintaan
Tapi ku relakan cintaku untuk mu
Yakin pada tulusnya kasihmu

Hanya kerana cinta ku melangkah jauh
Sanggup menyepi mencari ilham ku
Tak ada yang lebih dari itu

Hanya kerana cinta ku bersujud pasrah
Mengharapkan belas maaf dari mu
Tak ada yang lebih
Tak ada yang lebih dari itu

Bawalah aku ke dalam mimpi mu
Agar ku dapat bersama mu
Walaupun hanya sementara
Sentuhanmu indah

Princess Albertina Pierce

Sekali baca macam Al-Betina plak kan? Saje je wat tajuk kontroversi. Hehe...

Ok, korang dah boleh mengabaikan tajuk ini kerana tak de kaitan pon. Ke korang nak google?? Sila2 =)

Aku sebenarnye nk crite pasal seekor kucing hitam yang gemuk. Dah 3 malam berturut-turut kucing tu menceroboh rumah aku waktu orang tgh tido. Ni mmg dasyat la. Segala selok-belok lubang kat rumah ni die dah tahu. Malam tadi tgh aku sedap tido, aku dengar bunyi benda jatuh n ala2 nak pecah ckt. Bunyi die macam dalam crite hantu kat tv tu. Kan sekarang hantu dalam tv suke pecahkan pinggan mangkuk orang. Aku pon mamai2 tu mengabaikan la bunyi tu.

Sekali ayah aku tetibe jadi pendekar keluar dari bilik sambil bersilat2. Terkejut aku. Terus bangun dan terdengar bunyi kucing miaw miaw. Ayah aku memang dasyat sikit kalo kejar kucing. Kalo die tak masuk umah jiran, memang arwah serta-merta tak sempat mengucap. Ape ntah kucing tu syok sangat nak masuk umah aku ni. Nak kata semua pencinta kucing tak jugak. Kucing tu memang saje cari nahas ni. Sebelum kucing tu lari keluar, die sempat posing depan aku. Aku memang malam kalo tido stand by digital camera kat sebelah. Serious aku tipu! Haha (^^,)\/

Angle baik punya...hitam legam pon boleh jadi macho sebab kucing ni photogenic dan berotot kental.

Sape cakap kucing comel? Kalo dah begini rupenye dah macam kuntilanak in the dark. Seram aku. Semalam crite Beranak Dalam Kubur pon seram.

Eh, nape kete ni ade sini? Aku tak upload pon. Serious aku tipu lagi! Dah la kaler oren. Kalau merah kan hawt!

Pape pon, belum terlambat rasanya untuk aku ucap SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI dan MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Jom lepas ni ramai2 puasa sunat plak. Sesiapa yang dah beraya tu tahniah lah. Aku belum start lagi. Sebab banyak sangat jemputan. Menghadiri jemputan kan wajib tanpa keuzuran. Jadi mak aku pon banyak kali tak jadi nak puasa. Tak pe, raya kan sebulan. Aku memang plan nak start next week pon. Eheh =)


A Letter For You

Keluh kesahku tak siapa yang peduli
Keluh kesahku tak siapa yang mengerti

Keluh kesahku kau anggap tak bererti
Keluh kesahku tak mungkin kau fahami

Aku mengeluh bukan sengaja
Aku mengeluh kerana terpaksa

Ku cerita padamu bukan suka-suka
Ku harap kau dapat kurangkan sengsara

Ku cerita padamu setiap yang berlaku
Ku yakin hanya kau yang mengenali diriku

Keluh kesahku bukan tak bermakna
Namun ceritaku kau anggap tiada apa-apa

Bila ku cerita kau nak lelapkan mata
Bila ku tanya kau cakap esok saja

Esoknya ku cerita padamu segala yang berlaku
Esoknya ku cerita padamu apa maksudku

Tapi kau kata ku tanya soalan bangang
Ku tetap nak tanya lalu kau bengang

Aku mengeluh kerana kau tak faham
Aku mengeluh kerana ku rasa duniaku tenggelam

Kau kata aku hanya pentingkan diri
Aku cakap so what? Kau pun sekaki

Aku tak minta kau belikan ku jeans Levis
Aku tak minta kau belikan ku kasut Adidas

Aku tak minta kau belikan ku beg Roxy
Aku tak minta kau belikan ku N97 Mini

Kalau aku nak aku selalu kumpul duit sendiri
Kalau dah ada duit memang aku terus beli

Kau boyfriend aku dan aku sayang kau
Kau pun sayang aku sebab aku girlfriend kau

Aku tau ada perkara kita tak ada chemistry
Aku selalu nyampah kalau kau perli-perli

Tapi kau bakar duit enam ringgit sehari
Berbuih aku cakap tapi kau tak sedar diri

Kau perli aku beli beg mahal slumber jer
Abis nak tunggu orang hadiah tak dapat la der

Aku cuma nak kau jadi sweet macam dulu
Aku cuma nak kau yakin aku menyintaimu

Sampai sekarang aku terkenang ayat itu
"Sudikah kau menjadi kekasih hati ku?"


Everyone has their own interpretation about beauty and being beautiful. I noticed that I've a habit of admiring beautiful things that I may find on the road. I might end up looking a beautiful lady walking in front of me until she reaches the next corner, top to bottom. I easily get fascinated by her appearance without considering her inner personality. Well, who cares? I think that's how I manage to develop my specific definition of beautiful.

Long hair - I adore beautiful long hair that seems to flow smoothly when she walks. Sometimes I really want to ask her, what is the hair care product that she's using, I don't have much money so does she has any tips besides going to saloon weekly, does she wet her hair in the morning and blow it after that, and so on. Nicole Scherzinger's hair is too scary to walk with for an average height. This is a statement.

Design please! - Simplicity never caught my eyes. Basically, I have a taste which always differs from my surroundings. In another word, people shouldn't always consider my opinion because I don't see what they see. I just bought an Adidas bag. I am still continuously looking at it to find the x-factor so that I won't regret of buying it. Maybe the basic design or the combination of black and pink could be the one. Forget it...goods sold are not returnable or refundable!

branded stuff + plain design = bapak mahal! sungguh tak patut.

branded stuff + hot design = bapak mahal! sungguh tak patut. tp nk jugak. blurgh!

p/s : i want that roxy bag :(